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 some occasional users of wmi. If you would like to experience the good old days,
 please check it out; though, its code sucks more unfortunately than our recent projects.
+*UPDATE* There will be a wmi-11 release in Sep 2009 very soon!
_AT_@ -12,14 +14,20 @@
         hg clone http://hg.suckless.org/wmi
+(The repository contains the source code of the upcoming wmi-11 release!!!)
 In order to build wmi-10 on more recent systems than they were back 4
 years ago, you will need to apply [this
 patch](wmi-10_compile_fixes.diff) by Sergey Dolgov.
+The upcoming wmi-11 version from the source repository just builds fine with current systems.
 If you want to contact the author of wmi, use his proper email address
 [garbeam_AT_gmail.com](mailto:garbeam_AT_gmail.com) -- the email address presented in
-the wmi-10 source isn't valid anymore.
+the wmi-10 source isn't valid anymore. Though that's fixed in the upcoming wmi-11 release.
+Have fun!
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