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    add link and screenshot to dstat another dwm status bar (for OpenBSD only)

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 Please add your own version of dwmstatus here (keeping the list sorted).
 * [barM](barM.c) - can display all, time/date, ram usage, output of commands (the New BarMonitor).
+* [dstat](https://www.umaxx.net/dl) [Screenshot](https://www.umaxx.net/dstat.png) - displays the current network throughput, CPU usage, performance settings, battery status, temperature, volume settings, as well as the current date and time (OpenBSD only, no support for Linux).
 * [dwm-bar.c](https://github.com/wifiextender/dwm-bar) - Display overall usage about: cpu and cpu temperature, ram, disk, installed packages, kernel, motherboard voltage, system fans and their speed in RPM, motherboard (name, vendor, temperature), volume and time. I've wrote the code myself, so it is unique.
 * [dwmsd](https://github.com/johnko/dwmsd) - a daemon that listens on localhost tcp (may be useful as a base for asynchronous updates)
 * [go-dwmstatus](https://github.com/oniichaNj/go-dwmstatus) - A Go bar that prints current MPD song, load averages, time/date and battery percentage.
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