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Author: FRIGN <dev_AT_frign.de>
Date: Thu Mar 24 15:39:38 2016 +0100

    Remove Lwan web server from rocks.md
    Here are the reasons:
       - It depends on cmake (which _sucks_)
       - It depends on Python (no need for that for a web server)
    The build system pulls in other stuff if available, like Lua, SQLite,
    MySQL. So it's a mixed bag of a lot of cruft.
    The server may be fast as hell, but it definitely comes at the cost of
    simplicity. And suckless.org is not primarily about speed, but
    simplicity and correctness.
    The codebase is not inviting to start working on it. Different malloc-
    implementations complicate the readability of the code even more.
    And of course, the rocks.md-page is not an advertising page. Don't
    misuse it to get some in-links to your new web server website,
    especially if you are not really adhering to the suckless philosophy
    or even refrain from using tools listed in sucks.md.

diff --git a/suckless.org/rocks.md b/suckless.org/rocks.md
index a9050e4..28f9d32 100644
--- a/suckless.org/rocks.md
+++ b/suckless.org/rocks.md
_AT_@ -217,7 +217,6 @@ Web Servers
 * [thttpd](http://acme.com/software/thttpd/) - Outperforms many bigger httpds. Old, still works very well!
 * [mini_httpd](http://acme.com/software/mini_httpd/) - By the thttpd developers. Even smaller subset of thttpd with support for .htpasswd, CGI, dirlisting, HTTP errors and SSL, nothing more or less than that.
 * [darkhttpd](https://unix4lyfe.org/darkhttpd/) - Darkhttpd is a simple, fast HTTP 1.1 web server for static content.
-* [Lwan](https://lwan.ws/) - Lwan is a high-performance & scalable web server that serves both static and dynamic content.
 * [quark](http://git.suckless.org/quark/) - suckless httpd, not released yet
 Gopher Servers
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