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    slcon 2016: Add an example showing the limits of sRGB

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   in light of recent developments and gave a future perspective on
   necessary changes to the handling of image formats like farbfeld.
+> Are you already affected by the limitations of sRGB. Below you can
+ see two saturated RGB triplets; the one on the left gives you the
+ saturated reds, greens and blues of sRGB, the one on the right shows
+ you the saturated reds, greens and blues of your monitor.
+->![saturated RGB in sRGB](rgb-srgb.png)![saturated RGB of your monitor](rgb-prophoto.png)<-
 <video width="600" height="338" controls="" style="display:block;margin:0 auto" poster="http://dl.sta.li/slcon/2016/slcon-2016-04-lhunhold-farbfeld_and_color_spaces.png">
         <source src="http://dl.sta.li/slcon/2016/slcon-2016-04-lhunhold-farbfeld_and_color_spaces.webm" type="video/webm">
         <a href="http://dl.sta.li/slcon/2016/slcon-2016-04-lhunhold-farbfeld_and_color_spaces.webm">slcon-2016-04-lhunhold-farbfeld_and_color_spaces.webm</a>
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