Re: [wiki] [sites] Revert "How to track config.(|def).h changes in git" || Hiltjo Posthuma

From: Jochen Sprickerhof <>
Date: Sun, 24 Feb 2019 17:58:09 +0100

Hi Hiltjo,

I just saw that you reverted my documentation on config.def.h in git in
313a5dea. I got the idea from the which was deleted in
8c03f4bd and I find it really useful. The point is that you have your
default in git and it will track your changes and conflicts. Can we add
it again, or does it need more explanation or is there a different place
to put it?

Cheers Jochen

P.S: Please Cc me, I'm not reading this list.

* <> [2019-02-16 17:54]:
>commit 313a5dea3d1d9d15b729c6839516a87f48f39bd1
>Author: Hiltjo Posthuma <>
>Date: Sat Feb 16 17:53:47 2019 +0100
> Revert "How to track config.(|def).h changes in git"
> This reverts commit 13e1296e9772242ff869295a1081a77eae022434.
> This is wrong. config.def.h is the default.
>diff --git a/ b/
>index c502064b..ee5cf802 100644
>--- a/
>+++ b/
>_AT_@ -40,11 +40,3 @@ Are there any example customisations to get me started?
> Various customisation options are illustrated in the sub-directories of this
> wiki page. Under each of the categories (customfuncs, fonts, etc.,) you will
> find example modifications that will get you started.
>-How do I keep my customized dwm config up to date?
>-git clone the dwm repo and store all patches as git commits. If there are
>-changes in origin/master, simply git rebase your patches. For this it is
>-convenient to use the config.def.h directly. To do so you have to change
>-${OBJ}: config.h to ${OBJ}: config.def.h in the Makefile
>-and change #include "config.h" to #include "config.def.h" in dwm.c.

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