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    [st][patch][vimBrowse] Add patch

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+Vim Browse
+This patch offers the possibility to move through the terminal history, search for strings and use
+VIM-like motions, operations and quantifiers.
+Default Behavior:
+The default behavior listed below can be adapted:
+**Enter Vim Browse Mode**:
+* `Alt`+`c`
+**Operations in Vim Browse Mode**:
+* Enter Visual Mode: `V` / `v`
+* Enter Yank Mode: `Y`
+**Motions in Vim Browse Mode**:
+* Basic motions: `j`, `k,` `h`, `l`, `H`, `M`, `L`, `0`, `$` like in VIM
+* Word Move operators: `w`, `W`, `e`, `E`, `b`, `B` similar to VIM
+* Search Operators: `/`, `?`, `n`, `N` for forward / backward search
+* Jump to the cursor position prior to entering Vim Browse Mode: `G`
+* Repeat last command string: `.`
+* in Visual Mode `v`: use `t` to toggle block selection mode
+**Custom Commands**:
+Custom arrangements of the aforementioned commands can be defined in the configuration file:
+The shortcut
+struct NormalModeShortcuts normalModeShortcuts [] = {
+ { 'C', "/Cheese
" },
+searches for the next occurrence of Cheese when the letter C is pressed.
+Usecases are for instance to jump between executed commands or to last error in a compile error
+No sanity checks are performed wrt. the custom shortcuts; the program does not check if the command
+is circular. Hence the (useless) shortcut
+struct NormalModeShortcuts normalModeShortcuts [] = {
+ { 'C', "C" },
+triggers an infinite loop as soon 'C' is typed in normal mode, because `C` is contained
+in the shortcut as control character.
+**Search Mode**
+In search mode, the cursor jumps to the next occurrence of the search string, shifts the screen
+if necessary and highlights all occurrences of the search string that are currently visible on
+All motions -- including the search mode -- are currently circular, (hence if no search result is
+found, the search is continued at the top or bottom of the history, depending on the search
+* Currently based on the [Scrollback patch](https://st.suckless.org/patches/scrollback/),
+ this dependency will be removed (see __Bugs__ section).
+* The patch is applied both to a non-patched version and to a patched version of st
+ and can be tried out [here](https://github.com/juliusHuelsmann/st) (browse the available branches
+ for finding the different versions of the patch). Contributions are welcome.
+* The following two 'Bugs' will be resolved by removing the dependency on the Scrollback patch
+ which is currently work in progress:
+ * Normal mode overrides the output at the cursor position if the current command is still
+ running and outputs text while not in alternate screen mode (not vim / htop etc)
+ * in Alternate Screen mode, the current position is reset on repaint (e.g. htop).
+* [st-vimBrowse-20191107-2b8333f.diff](https://github.com/juliusHuelsmann/st/releases/download/patchesV1/st-vimBrowse-20191107-2b8333f.diff)
+Authors of the [Scrollback patch](https://st.suckless.org/patches/scrollback/)
+* Jochen Sprickerhof - <st_AT_jochen.sprickerhof.de>
+* M Farkas-Dyck - <strake888_AT_gmail.com>
+* Ivan Tham - <pickfire_AT_riseup.net> (mouse scrolling)
+* Ori Bernstein - <ori_AT_eigenstate.org> (fix memory bug)
+* Matthias Schoth - <mschoth_AT_gmail.com> (auto altscreen scrolling)
+* Laslo Hunhold - <dev_AT_frign.de> (unscrambling, git port)
+* Paride Legovini - <pl_AT_ninthfloor.org> (don't require the Shift modifier
+ when using the auto altscreen scrolling)
+* Lorenzo Bracco - <devtry_AT_riseup.net> (update base patch, use static
+ variable for config)
+* Kamil Kleban - <funmaker95_AT_gmail.com> (fix altscreen detection)
+* Avi Halachmi - <avihpit_AT_yahoo.com> (mouse + altscreen rewrite after `a2c479c`)
+* Jacob Prosser - <geriatricjacob_AT_cumallover.me>
+Authors of the Vim-Browse Patch
+* Julius Hülsmann - <juliusHuelsmann [at] gmail [dot] com>
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