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From: Uriel <lost.goblin_AT_gmail.com>
Date: Mon, 18 Aug 2008 21:43:12 +0200

Sorry for not moving the hg repos, I was quite busy at the time and I
left it for latter (if you notice the latest commits to those repos
were by me when I did the 0.3 release).

So if you can redirect the suckless page to http://repo.cat-v.org/diri
that would be great, I will move the repos as soon as I have a chance.

As for versions out there, there is a php one too, but I meant that I
got people using the rc one :)


On Mon, Aug 18, 2008 at 2:58 PM, Anselm R Garbe <garbeam_AT_gmail.com> wrote:
> 2008/8/17 Uriel <lost.goblin_AT_gmail.com>:
>> What does diri have to do with what kris wants to do with wmii? I dont
>> get it, and I assume that then you are volunteering to maintain diri
>> yourself? (And go update the dozens of links all over the web pointing
>> to it)
> Well, the diri repository is hosted on code.suckless.org, the same
> applies to the tarball of diri, that's why I updated the diri page
> accordingly as well. If you want to take over diri, no problem, I can
> remove it in a second. But in such a case I see no reason in keeping
> the repository on code.suckless.org (same for the tarball).
>> If not, can you please point it to the site I bothered to setup for it
>> at http://repo.cat-v.org/diri/ ?
> Just let me know. I consider diri as abandoned, the tarball represents
> the hg tip of its repository and I don't do any changes to it anymore.
> So it doesn't matter that much where it is hosted -- but feel free to
> maintain it @suckless.org. I will provide you all necessary accounts
> in such a case (I was too busy doing so before my holidays).
>> (Btw, I have found a few diri users out there that I'm trying to
>> support at least until werc has the few missing features they need and
>> they get around to migrate).
> Interesting. I remember there were at least 2 reimplementations, one
> in bash or sh, and another one in python.
>> I´m not going to argue whatever the hgwiki thing is a good idea or not
>> (I personally think that it is cool, but Im not convinced it is the
>> best way to go for suckless.org, but it is up to you how you run
>> suckless.org, and I might be wrong), what bothers me is you moving
>> shit around which I had spent time and effort moving somewhere else,
>> specially when it seems quite clear that you have no intention to
>> maintain either the project or its website (to some degree this also
>> goes for kris, which Im unclear whatever he is interested in
>> maintaining wmii or the wmii web site).
> Well, as I told, let me know, I can deal with either way.
> Kind regards,
> --Anselm
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