[wmii] dual-display configuration

From: Dewey Hylton <dewey-wmii_AT_hyltown.com>
Date: Thu, 28 Aug 2008 14:09:02 -0400

i've had the dual-display config working very well for a good while now and
love it. yesterday i blew away my machine and started from scratch,
complete with latest hg clone of wmii. i had to rewrite some of my rc.wmii
configuration, but i think i have everything working as it was before with
one exception:

currently, focus follows the mouse when moving from display to display, as
long as the mouse finds a terminal window in the destination display.
otherwise the focus stays on the original display. for example, moving to a
new display showing firefox, and even after clicking around in the firefox
window, all keyboard input shows up on the original display in the original
terminal. mouse input works in the firefox window, but keyboard input does
not. keyboard input is never reassigned until i click the tag (bottom left)
or the rightbar (which executes the swarp utility).

is this a problem with my config, or something in wmii that needs a

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