Re: [wmii] sswriter

From: Stanimir Dragiev <>
Date: Thu, 18 Sep 2008 18:22:47 +0200


* Jonathan 'Sky' Squirawski <> [2008-09-16 22:23]:
> I would enjoy to patch sswriter with your feature but actualy I'm rewriting it
> with a totaly new design.

That's OK with me.

I just wanted to be helpful, if someone does have same preferences like me.

My code is not that suckless -- you might have saved the world by not
applying the patch :o)))

> In my new version, sswriter is composed of a daemon
> and several tools to start/get some "monitoring elements" and can be used by
> the network. The final purpose is to have tools wich can monitor a group of
> computers and print some charts on a web site.

I do not need these client/server features. I would achieve similar effect
by using ssh and invoking sswriter, as is, and printing what I want (if I
understand correctly). So, I think I'll stick to the current sswriter.

But you surely have your reasons and scenarios for the new version.

> Unfortunatly I'm not really ready to distribute this version of sswriter
> before a moment... :s

Happy coding! Good luck!

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