Re: [wmii] Re: latest changes

From: Thomas Dahms <>
Date: Thu, 16 Oct 2008 10:58:10 +0200

Hi all,

this is my first post to the list, switched back from dwm and dwm-gtx
back to wmii recently for more flexibility in window arrangements.

The diff is no longer needed with the latest tip. And creating columns
at the left also works now. However, what does not work for me any
longer is the following: I use these lines in wmiirc to resize always
the leftmost column:

        Key $MODKEY-Control-$LEFT
                wmiir xwrite /tag/sel/ctl grow 1 1 right -1
        Key $MODKEY-Control-$RIGHT
                wmiir xwrite /tag/sel/ctl grow 1 1 right 1

This does now resize the second column, not the first. It still worked
in hg2348. I switched now to "sel sel" instead of "1 1", but have to
select the first column now.

Xinerama (or XRandR in my case) never really worked for me with any of
the recent versions, but it is even more broken in hg2374: Adding a
screen with xrandr and reexecuting wmii results in an endless loop of
redrawing the windows and bar.

I really like the idea of Xinerama support and am looking forward to the
next versions.


Alex Kilgore wrote:
> Thanks, that diff worked just fine, the changes look really good
> so far, I really like the idea of having support for Xinerama, ( i
> havent been able to test that yet because i have no second monitor
> here ) but I am looking forward to that as soon as i can get my second
> monitor out!
> After applying the diff that was provided in the previous message.
> the only thing I see that is a little odd is that moving a window left
> of the initial column crashes wmii, also so does toggling full screen
> on and off several times in default mode (though I think that might
> have happened before)
> Looks great!
> Alex
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