Re: [wmii] Re: latest changes

From: Thomas Gallen <>
Date: Fri, 17 Oct 2008 09:37:17 -0400

I've had some less than expected results. Along the same avenue as you,
the menu on the second screen is blank (and also missing it's border).
However the moment I try to use the menu (MOD+A/MOD+P/etc) the second
screen blanks out completely. Attempting to then close XOrg by either
killing WMII or CTRL+ALT+BACKSPACE causes the primary screen to blank,
turn off, and never come back. Recovery at that point pretty much
requires a restart. I'll try to get a core dump from it if it even gets
the chance to produce one...

On a positive note, a few revisions previous, the menu was working
quite happily for me with dual screens opening on whatever monitor I
happened to have focus on. Unfortunately though, I haven't gotten into
the habit of backing up my previous WMII versions for easy re-use.

Thomas (the other one)

On Fri, Oct 17, 2008 at 09:33:29AM +0200, Thomas Dahms wrote:
> Many thanks to Kris for the quick updates.
> To give some feedback, XRandR is now working for me. I can move floating
> windows to the second screen. But is it planned to have non-floating
> windows on the second screen, too? The bar is empty on the second
> screen, don't know what the intended behavior is.
> To get the program, action and tag menus working in hg2383 I had to
> replace wi_menu by wimenu in wmiirc, btw. Do I understand it right that
> wmii no longer depends on dmenu now?
> Thomas
> Thomas Dahms wrote:
> > Xinerama (or XRandR in my case) never really worked for me with any of
> > the recent versions, but it is even more broken in hg2374: Adding a
> > screen with xrandr and reexecuting wmii results in an endless loop of
> > redrawing the windows and bar.
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