Re: [wmii] Recent changes

From: Bart Trojanowski <>
Date: Mon, 20 Oct 2008 12:05:42 -0400

* Kris Maglione <> [081020 10:14]:
> Again, I've thought about it, but it's incredibly complex to implement,
> and I just haven't decided if it's worth it yet. For windows with 2 tags,
> both showing, for instance, you can only show one at a time. If you have
> floating windows, you have to decide which screen owns them, where to
> position them when they overlap, etc. The coding isn't so difficult, but
> the logic is. As it stands, you can achieve what you want with regex
> tags, and I'll see if I can make their window placement logic a bit more
> powerful.

Thanks for your explanation. I had not thought about the window being
in two tags, but displayed once. I am guessing this is a X limitation.
Maybe someday when wmii does offscreen rendering that will be easy to
fix. :)

I didn't know regex tags existed; very cool feature.

The one problem I have with using regex tags -- and this could only be
problem this early in multihead support -- is that for each tag I have
to fix the layout on the secondary display otherwise the windows don't
appear in the same place in all views. Subsequently if something
changes, I might have to resize windows on all tags to make the view

Thanks again.


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