Re: [wmii] Recent changes

From: Bart Trojanowski <>
Date: Mon, 20 Oct 2008 12:24:30 -0400

* Kris Maglione <> [081020 12:11]:
>> The one problem I have with using regex tags -- and this could only be
>> problem this early in multihead support -- is that for each tag I have
>> to fix the layout on the secondary display otherwise the windows don't
>> appear in the same place in all views. Subsequently if something
>> changes, I might have to resize windows on all tags to make the view
>> consistent.
> Yeah, that's what I meant my making the logic more powerful. I've also
> been considering making the index file writable so you can do things like
> cloning a view by copying one index file to another.

I think that would be really useful.

I was thinking recording this information and playing it back on a
restart of wmii -- sometimes I want to keep my state longer than the
next upgrade of wmii :). If the index was writable, this would just be
a simple scripting effort.


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