[dev] [OT] announcing fbpad

From: Ali Gholami Rudi <aliqrudi_AT_gmail.com>
Date: Thu, 16 Jul 2009 18:44:06 +0430


I used to use X11 mostly for using terminal emulators with true-type and
antialiased fonts. I decided to give getting rid of X11 another try!
The best thing I could find was fbterm which didn't do what I wanted
exactly. I decided to change it but it was written in C++. After
trying to use it for some time, I finally decided to write my own
terminal emulator and hence I wrote fbpad in C.

Fbpad is a small framebuffer virtual terminal that uses libfreetype to
render truetype fonts. It manages many terminals through tags. The tag
management is intentionally minimal and simple. A tag is represented
with a single letter (or digit if you prefer) and each tag has a main
and an alt terminal. Something like dwm monocle layout where each tag
can hold at most two windows (that was how I used dwm on a laptop
screen). If someone prefers tiled windows, he can run dvtm inside
fbpad. Here is the key-binding (you can change them by editing

============== =======================================
key command
============== =======================================
m-c execute a shell
m-x switch to tag 'x'
m-j switch to alt terminal in this tag
m-k like m-j
m-p show tag summary
m-o jump to last tag
m-tab show next terminal
c-m-q quit fbpad
============== =======================================

Hope someone finds fbpad useful. Note that the vt102 implementation has
some minor bugs (who said writing a bug-free vt102 implementation is
easy ;-). Patches to fix them is welcome. You can download snapshots
from http://repo.or.cz/w/fbpad.git?a=snapshot;h=HEAD or if you use git
you can clone it from git://repo.or.cz/fbpad.git

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