[dev] dwm-5.6 issues on openbsd 4.5

From: Donald Allen <donaldcallen_AT_gmail.com>
Date: Mon, 20 Jul 2009 10:42:21 -0400

I installed dwm 5.4.1 from the openbsd package on my Thinkpad X61
running openbsd 4.5 (amd64). Works fine, no issues, other than
attempts to pipe the date into stdin not working (I think how to use
the read-from-stdin facility to display stuff needs to be explained
more fully in the documentation).

I then downloaded the 5.6 tar file, compiled it, and changed my
.xinitrc to point to the resulting dwm executable. I'm running it as I
type this. Unlike 5.4.1, left-clicking labels has no effect, other
than to blue-highlight the clicked label. To move to displaying the
windows associated with, say, label 9, I have to use the keyboard
(alt-9). Also, clicking the layout label causes it to toggle between
indicating tiled and floating, but no change in the layout occurs;
again, this must be accomplished with the keyboard. At least in my
particular environment, use of the mouse to change tag or layout is
broken in 5.6.

My usage of dwm is pretty simple. I start X with startx, and my
.xinitrc simply invokes dwm. I then start an xterm and run the
applications I want, backgrounding them with the shell.

As I said, 5.4.1 works fine, but it looks to me like something got
broken subsequent to that version.

/Don Allen
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