Re: [dev] Gmane newsgroup for the new mailing list

From: Dmitry Maluka <>
Date: Sat, 25 Jul 2009 20:29:30 +0300

From instruction on importing archives into Gmane

> Archives to be imported can be in one of two formats: Either a tar
> file of a one-message-per-file directory, where the files have names
> that increase numerically, or a Unix mbox file. No other formats are
> acceptable. A Unix mbox file is preferred.
> If you wish to have an archive of a mailing list you administrate
> imported into Gmane, send a mail to Lars with the URL of the mailing
> list archive, and which group it should be imported into. Duplicates
> are ignored when doing an import, so a total archive of the list is ok
> -- no pre-filtering of messages is necessary.
> The list admin/owner should OK this before the archive is imported. If
> you're the list admin, please say so in the email where you request
> the import. If not, please get in touch with the list admin first and
> get an approval before you request the import. The list admin often
> has access to an mbox format mail archive for the list, so get the URL
> for the archive at the same time.

Who is the list admin in our case? Anselm?
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