[dev] small dist

From: hiro <23hiro_AT_googlemail.com>
Date: Mon, 10 Aug 2009 16:15:12 +0200

I'm playing around with some set-top box.
The catch is: it only has around 30mb of flash.
So in order to load up the prism54 wireless drivers I think I need an
extremely small dist.

I haven't even tried to trim down my normally used debian base system
(which is rather extremely bloated for it's functionality), but am
already building a custom small linux kernel at this moment.

Eventually I'll be running 9vx on it, so I will be trying to hide as
much of linux as I can. And I hope it will be possible to use 9base
instead of busybox, but I'm just dreaming, and uneducated so far.

Any recommendations for a small and simple system? (Keep in mind my
fastest machine is over 8 years old, so don't make me compile
everything myself please)

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