Re: [dev] Lexers and parsers

From: carmen <>
Date: Wed, 19 Aug 2009 17:12:29 -0400

> > what would be most effective in tracking
> > down the inevitable problems when there's a bug in the user input
> > and/or mismatched input, particularly if it happens in the middle of a
> > pipe process: how are you going to report which part of the input

i'm liking Parsec ( )

> > stream was wrong, particularly if it doesn't exist on its own, in a
> > way which is effective for a human to track down the problem?

> Your position is that this is a bad idea because a hypothetical user
> might screw up? And then it would be hard to figure out how? You
> must be a python programmer. The rest of us trust ourselves enough to
> use computers.

i like a typechecker to keep me from the silly screwups beacuse a cat pressed a key, or i was too caffeinated / tired to notice.. regarldess of the general 'i know what im doing'
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