Re: [dev] slides with troff (was: Talk about sane web browsers)

From: markus schnalke <>
Date: Mon, 7 Sep 2009 21:53:37 +0200

[2009-09-07 01:27] Uriel <>
> Troff works great for generating slides.


For me, (computer presentation) slides are pages in 4:3 landscape

Unfortunately, I've not managed yet to generate such documents.

`.pl 5i' lets the formated text only go half the page down, but the
resulting PS file is in usual paper format (A4 or letter) though. Is
this a basic property of PS?

The best result (still unsatisfying) is:

1) generating with `.pl 5i' to use only the upper half of the pages
2) rotate and scale with `pstops' to have this upper half turned left
   and in full size
3) rotate the document on display again

It's still not 4:3 but A4 landscape, and I need to rotate on

Is there no way to get pages that are 8i x 6i?


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