Re: [dev] [surf] patches: configurable file locations, bookmark writer, history writer

From: pancake <>
Date: Wed, 9 Sep 2009 08:18:23 +0200

Why not spawn a process instead of appending the URL to a file.. Sthg
like .cmd="echo '%s' >> bookmarks"

But i have the feeling that URL and title will be better accesible
from the environment instead of formatstring.

In this way I will be able to spawn another surf opening the location
of delicious with the URL as argument,

Another use case would be to generate a tinyurl by calling curl+grep
and put it in the clipboard.

About dmenu...will be nice if it can handle also the title of the urls
so the autocompletion would be better.

I have Another patch for surf. But i will describe it instead of
attaching it. The zoom keys are inverted. Please swap j<=>k j must be
zoom out (less size) and k zoom in (up,increase)..

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On Sep 9, 2009, at 4:37 AM, Ray Kohler <> wrote:

> I have 3 patches for surf:
> config_file_locs: Makes all file and directory locations that surf
> writes to into config.def.h variables. The other two patches depend on
> this one.
> write_bookmarks: Adds a function to append the current URI to a
> (compile-time-defined) file. Default config binds it to MODKEY+B.
> write_history: Modifies loadcommit to append the current URI to a
> (compile-time-defined) file. A config.def.h knob can disable this.
> The value of the bookmark and history files (for me anyway) is to feed
> them to dmenu and load them into surf that way.
> There's no locking when writing the files, so race conditions exist. I
> figured I'd wait to see how this was solved for the new cookie
> handling rather than doing my own thing.
> <config_file_locs.diff>
> <write_bookmarks.diff>
> <write_history.diff>
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