[dev] feature request: hide a/set client/s on key press

From: Jorge Vargas <jorge.vargas_AT_gmail.com>
Date: Sun, 13 Sep 2009 19:26:45 -0600


Recently I have been playing with a console client named "tilda"
(http://tilda.sourceforge.net/tildashots.php) it's main feature is
that if you press a key it will hide, which by the way is totally
broken with DWM as Tilda assumes you have only one instance of tilda
running. So it minimizes/deminimizes one window not all of them.
However I find this feature really nice. My main use case of it is as

I'm working on python web development so I normally have a local set
of temporal servers running (paster, mongodb, etc.) For this I find
the vertical split patch realllly useful as I have 2 windows in one
tag top = browser, bottom = paster (with the server side errors) jump
to monocle to see it running jump to split view to see the server side
error. However when I get to 3 clients (mongo+paster+browser) things
get complicated which by the way I know it's the reason the vertical
patch never made it into the main tree.

So I was thinking wouldn't it be nice to have a key combo that will
hide from view all X clients that match certain criteria? This way you
could build command like hide all my gmail windows or hide all my
xterms in tag 3

PS: other than tilda is slow and ugly so I don't recommend it.
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