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From: Anders Andersson <>
Date: Mon, 14 Sep 2009 15:45:58 +0200

> This is one of most important lessons, and most often forgotten, in
> the history of programming. Fred Brooks mentioned it in The Mythical
> Man Month (which should be one of three books every programmer knows
> by heart), and was repeated again by Pike and Kernighan in the
> Practice of Programming.
> Once you have your data structures properly figured out, the code just
> falls from them naturally. Forcing to arbitrarily tie up your data
> structures to how your code is laid out, and mixing both together is a
> very, very, very bad idea, this is what OO does.
> And it can't be said often enough: inheritance is the most idiotic and
> counter-productive form of 'code reuse' ever conceived by man, and
> often drives one to write much more code, and worse, much more complex
> code. You are better off exclusively using camefrom and goto to reuse
> code than using inheritance.
> As for multiple inheritance... that is sheer lunacy and anyone that
> even considers using it should be confined to a mental asylum for the
> rest of their days.
> Peace
> uriel

This is amazing, thank you. I thought I was alone in the universe with
this insight, and here I've found a whole community (or at least a few
more people).

// pipe
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