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Date: Tue, 15 Sep 2009 15:45:35 +0100

2009/9/14 frederic <>:
> Sorry Anselm, I forgot to thank you for your quick answer.
>>> 1. I designed a software to automate testing of the boxes that we
>>> build. The main language used is Python (I guess it's hard to avoid OO
>>> when using python). Basically the design is such that I have a test
>>> case class that is used when instantiating different test cases
>>> (attributes include: name, status, tester, etc.). How would you
>>> approach this in a non-OO way?
>> Can't speak for python, I have very limited experience with python.
>> Though what's wrong with function pointers to unit test functions?
>> (Instead of class/interfaces that just have a test function?). Or even
>> less coupled, what about a test case per executable, that way you can
>> test using very different approaches from a shell script and/or
>> Makefile.
> I think the problem one eventually hits in plain C is its lack of closures.
> It can be walked around in more or less ugly ways, thought.

I don't miss closures. You got the static keyword to avoid polluting
the global namespace.

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