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Date: Thu, 17 Sep 2009 11:39:09 +0200

* Antoni Grzymala <> [2009-09-17 11:05]:
> dixit (2009-09-17, 10:48):
> > * Antoni Grzymala <> [2009-09-17 10:16]:
> Er... Tasks (tags) in www browsing would be absurd, because I'd either
> have to define a limited sensible number of them and try to assign
> anything I come across the web to them, or create an arbitrary number of
> tags which I would promptly forget and which would have much less sense
> that seeing all at once (which I do now). Either way is mad for
> something as undefined and random as the web.

I had in mind tags like "coding" or "fun" or "work" or some separation of
the tasks you do with your computer. I mean, you would rarely need to watch
youtube while hacking, but still may want to have a youtube browser window
open for some reasons. Then you tag it "fun", while your $EDITOR window is
tagged "work". I hope it is clearer now.

> > instead of tabs, but firing new window of firefox (currently) and opera (at
> > the time I stopped using opera) takes much more time and resources than
> > firing uzbl or surf.
> I don't see how that hits any reasonably modern computer resources (I
> mean Opera, firefox is notorious for bringing down to its knees anything
> you throw at it). Resource usage is not an argument in this discussion
> for me. Actually, I'd use dwm were it written in Tcl/Tk or Python, for I
> like the concept and don't give a shit about it's implementation
> (teasing all the C-maniacs here :)).

Computer resources can be argument. may be not for all but still. And
response time surely for many on the list.

> > found that there is life beyond tabs and sessions -- as it often happens
> > with fancy features. (which I surely don't need to tell to any
> > ex-wmii-now-dwm user, for instance)
> Definitely there's life beyond that. I just don't see why I should be
> trying it again. Been there already (most of us have).

Of course it is a matter of personal attitude how you weight it, but just
to provide one: portability across platforms, paradigms, resources. I
prefer to have my bookmarks in a simple decently formated text file rather
than along with rdf tags I never told I want to see there, or, worse, in a
sql database.


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