Re: [dev][surf] Next schedule?

From: Jessta <>
Date: Fri, 18 Sep 2009 13:50:10 +1000

On 18/09/2009, Pinocchio <> wrote:
> You mean something like
> It would be interesting to generalize this (automatically, of course) to a
> wm.

I love that addon and it's the main thing I miss about firefox.
Last night I put together a simple browsing 'tab' list with vertical
dmenu, surf, and a shell script.
It's a modified version of a bookmarks loading script I found
somewhere for uzbl.

if [ -f $HOME/.dmenurc ]; then
  . $HOME/.dmenurc
  DMENU="dmenu -i"
surfid=`cat ~/.surfid`
link=`cat $tabs | $DMENU` || exit 0
if [ "$$" -ne "0" ]; then
        grep -v $link $tabs > $tabstmp
        mv $tabstmp $tabs
        xprop -id $surfid -f _SURF_URL 8t -set _SURF_URL $link &

I hate shell scripting so this is kind of ugly.
Links are added to the list by copying them to the clipboard and using
gselt to append them to the tabs file.
It works alright for my purposes, it even has persistance.

- Jessta

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