Re: [dev] [surf] SearchEngines patch

From: cryptix <>
Date: Wed, 23 Sep 2009 16:08:37 +0200

Hey there,

On 23.09.2009, at 15:44, Nils wrote:
> Thanks cryptix. As you can tell I'm not very experienced with C and
> this
> little patch was more of a hack anyway. :)
youíre welcome, I donít consider me to be very experienced either. :)

Due to the removal of the prefix = g_strdup_printf("%s ", searchengines
[i].token) line, another bug sneaked in.
With the {"gď, ""}, SearchEngine in
place, opening any url starting with g applies this SearchEngine.

For the time being appending a space to the .token and removing the "+
1" from line 45 in the patch might be a workaround.
I don't want to rush into it and complicate the parseuri() function
right now.

> I've also updated the wiki entry for surf
Thanks and please continue hacking :))

kind regards,

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