Re: [dev] wmii: fullscreen window, new window becomes floating?

From: hiro <>
Date: Sat, 26 Sep 2009 04:33:02 +0200

how about changing the code and keeping your own awesome patch?

On Fri, Sep 25, 2009 at 9:21 PM, Dieter Plaetinck <> wrote:
> On Thu, 24 Sep 2009 19:58:58 -0400
> Kris Maglione <> wrote:
>> On Thu, Sep 24, 2009 at 11:09:10PM +0200, Dieter Plaetinck wrote:
>> >Thanks Kris,
>> >but:
>> >if my current layout is fullscreen, why doesn't the new window become
>> >fullscreen as well? (instead it takes up about 1/4th of my screen)
>> I can't see a reason for the new window to be fullsceen unless
>> it requests it. New windows in floating mode get whichever size
>> they request. If you want them fullscreen, press Mod-f. I tend
>> to open terminals over fullscreen windows fairly often, and the
>> current arrangement works perfectly for me.
> for me it's about what i (the user) want and expect, not the window.
> if i'm working in fullscreen layout i do it because i like so (e.g.
> because i want to be totally focused on 1 thing), and wish to continue
> so.
> just like when you're in stacked layout, when you spawn a new
> window, it is also in stacked layout.
> to make it worse, if the new window appears but is not fullscreen, you
> can't use it to it's full potential, and the window behind it gets
> pretty unusable as well too.  (because you see only a part of it)
> Surely you can do some keybinds to correct the situation but it would
> be so more convenient to just have it do what i want right away.
>> >what do i have to do to spawn new windows but have them not focused?
>> >("almost" in your point 4) or keep the current window the top of the
>> >stack, always? even when spawning new windows?
>> Currently, new windows from an existing group aren't focused
>> unless a window from that group is focused. Now that you mention
>> it, though, I think I'll disable it before the next alpha. It
>> seems to cause more trouble than it solves. Other than that, new
>> windows (except for splash windows and docks) are always focused
>> and raised.
> I think this point and the issue above are subject to personal
> taste and workflow.  Why not make things like these configurable?
> It would be pretty awesome to have more control over small details like
> these.
> Dieter
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