Re: [dev] dwm nmaster_bstack-5.7

From: Mate Nagy <>
Date: Sun, 27 Sep 2009 15:35:23 +0200

> Do you mean the nmaster-sym-5.7?
> At first glance, I didn't get what the sym stand for,
 I believe 'sym' stands for 'symbol', because this variation rewrites
the layout symbol according to your current nmaster value (to 2]=, 3]=,
or T2T, T3T and so on).
> With it and nmaster=1, I could even remove the tile layout from config.h
> and the void tile(Monitor *) from dwm.c and after compile the executable
> is smaller than the one I had with my patch.
 Yeah, theoretically ntile with nmaster=1 is equivalent to tile.

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