[dev] hg tip fails on make target `rc.wmii.out'

From: Suraj Kurapati <sunaku_AT_gmail.com>
Date: Tue, 29 Sep 2009 11:03:01 -0700

Please observe:

sun@yantram ~/l/wmii> hg clone http://hg.suckless.org/wmii
destination directory: wmii
requesting all changes
adding changesets
adding manifests
adding file changes
added 2494 changesets with 7855 changes to 481 files
updating working directory
273 files updated, 0 files merged, 0 files removed, 0 files unresolved
sun_AT_yantram ~/l/wmii> cd wmii
sun_AT_yantram ~/l/w/wmii> vim config.mk
sun_AT_yantram ~/l/w/wmii> make
MAKE all libbio/
CC libbio/bbuffered.o
CC libbio/bfildes.o
CC libbio/bflush.o
CC libbio/bgetc.o
CC libbio/bgetd.o
CC libbio/bgetrune.o
CC libbio/binit.o
CC libbio/boffset.o
CC libbio/bprint.o
CC libbio/bvprint.o
CC libbio/bputc.o
CC libbio/bputrune.o
CC libbio/brdline.o
CC libbio/brdstr.o
CC libbio/bread.o
CC libbio/bseek.o
CC libbio/bwrite.o
AR lib/libbio.a
MAKE all libfmt/
CC libfmt/dofmt.o
CC libfmt/dorfmt.o
CC libfmt/errfmt.o
CC libfmt/fltfmt.o
CC libfmt/fmt.o
CC libfmt/fmtfd.o
CC libfmt/fmtfdflush.o
CC libfmt/fmtlock.o
CC libfmt/fmtprint.o
CC libfmt/fmtquote.o
CC libfmt/fmtrune.o
CC libfmt/fmtstr.o
CC libfmt/fmtvprint.o
CC libfmt/fprint.o
CC libfmt/print.o
CC libfmt/runefmtstr.o
CC libfmt/runeseprint.o
CC libfmt/runesmprint.o
CC libfmt/runesnprint.o
CC libfmt/runesprint.o
CC libfmt/runevseprint.o
CC libfmt/runevsmprint.o
CC libfmt/runevsnprint.o
CC libfmt/seprint.o
CC libfmt/smprint.o
CC libfmt/snprint.o
CC libfmt/sprint.o
CC libfmt/strtod.o
CC libfmt/vfprint.o
CC libfmt/vseprint.o
CC libfmt/vsmprint.o
CC libfmt/vsnprint.o
CC libfmt/charstod.o
CC libfmt/pow10.o
CC libfmt/nan64.o
AR lib/libfmt.a
MAKE all libregexp/
CC libregexp/regcomp.o
CC libregexp/regerror.o
CC libregexp/regexec.o
CC libregexp/regsub.o
CC libregexp/regaux.o
CC libregexp/rregexec.o
CC libregexp/rregsub.o
AR lib/libregexp9.a
MAKE all libutf/
CC libutf/rune.o
CC libutf/runestrcat.o
CC libutf/runestrchr.o
CC libutf/runestrcmp.o
CC libutf/runestrcpy.o
CC libutf/runestrdup.o
CC libutf/runestrlen.o
CC libutf/runestrecpy.o
CC libutf/runestrncat.o
CC libutf/runestrncmp.o
CC libutf/runestrncpy.o
CC libutf/runestrrchr.o
CC libutf/runestrstr.o
CC libutf/runetype.o
CC libutf/utfecpy.o
CC libutf/utflen.o
CC libutf/utfnlen.o
CC libutf/utfrrune.o
CC libutf/utfrune.o
CC libutf/utfutf.o
AR lib/libutf.a
MAKE all cmd/
CC cmd/util.o
FILTER cmd/wihack.sh
FILTER cmd/wmii.rc.rc
FILTER cmd/wmii.sh.sh
CC cmd/wmii9menu.o
CC cmd/clientutil.o
MAKE all cmd/wmii/
CC cmd/wmii/area.o
CC cmd/wmii/bar.o
CC cmd/wmii/client.o
CC cmd/wmii/column.o
CC cmd/wmii/div.o
CC cmd/wmii/event.o
CC cmd/wmii/ewmh.o
CC cmd/wmii/float.o
CC cmd/wmii/frame.o
CC cmd/wmii/fs.o
CC cmd/wmii/geom.o
CC cmd/wmii/key.o
CC cmd/wmii/layout.o
CC cmd/wmii/main.o
CC cmd/wmii/map.o
CC cmd/wmii/message.o
CC cmd/wmii/mouse.o
CC cmd/wmii/root.o
CC cmd/wmii/rule.o
CC cmd/wmii/printevent.o
CC cmd/wmii/screen.o
CC cmd/wmii/utf.o
CC cmd/wmii/_util.o
CC cmd/wmii/view.o
cmd/wmii/view.c:369: warning: unused variable ‘newgroup’
CC cmd/wmii/xdnd.o
CC cmd/wmii/x11.o
cmd/wmii/x11.c:1052: warning: passing argument 3 of ‘XGetInputFocus’
from incompatible pointer type
/usr/include/X11/Xlib.h:2635: note: expected ‘int *’ but argument is
of type ‘XWindow *’
cmd/wmii/x11.c:198: warning: array ‘ignored_xerrors’ assumed to have one element
CC cmd/wmii/xext.o
LD cmd/wmii/wmii.out
MAKE all cmd/menu/
CC cmd/menu/main.o
CC cmd/menu/caret.o
CC cmd/menu/history.o
CC cmd/menu/event.o
CC cmd/menu/menu.o
CC cmd/menu/keys.o
CC cmd/menu/bindings.o
LD cmd/menu/wimenu.out
LD cmd/wmii9menu.out
FILTER cmd/wmii9rc.sh
CC cmd/wmiir.o
LD cmd/wmiir.out
MAKE all libwmii_hack/
CC libwmii_hack/hack.o_pic
libwmii_hack/hack.c:23: warning: ‘lastwin’ defined but not used
libwmii_hack/hack.c:93: warning: ‘ignoreerrors’ defined but not used
LD lib/libwmii_hack.so
MAKE all rc/
make[1]: *** No rule to make target `rc.wmii.out', needed by `all'. Stop.
make: *** [dall] Error 2
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