Re: [dev] rule for floating gnuplot window

From: <>
Date: Fri, 2 Oct 2009 14:51:45 +0200

* yy <> [2009-10-02 13:46]:
> 2009/10/2 <>:
> > Does anybody have a clue about what's wrong?
> I'm not in front of my box now, so I could be wrong, but I guess the
> window is mapped before its properties are set. If this is your case,
> you could write a function that calls applyrules(sel) and call this
> function from a key combination. Unfortunately, once you make your
> window float it will have already been resized by dwm.

This, in my case, i.e. if the rule deals only with floating, appears to me
the same as what togglefloating already does, isn't it?

I suppose there isn't any convention about how meaningful properties are
set when a window is created, so this cannot be considered misbehaviour of
gnuplot (or other programs. When I read your answer, I recalled I have seen
somebody on the list complaining about the same problem with other
application, too. )?

Is there a clean way to handle this in dwm? Applying rules on rearange, as
you suggested in previuos threead, don't seem to me feasible, since the
user may have overriden some of the rules and it would be unexpected
behaviour to revert them. applyrules(sel) is ok, but lacks automation. But
it seems to be the best solution. Just thoughts.


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