Re: [dev] Suckless mail client solution?

From: Илья Илембитов <>
Date: Wed, 07 Oct 2009 18:43:34 +0400

May I suggest you also take a look at OpenBSD's new smtpd? They will include it with the upcoming 4.6 release - a long awaited alternative to sendmail with a more clean config syntax (inspired by other OBSD-developed tools).

> I've managed to build tinymail..but a gobject framework of 16MB size is
> not exactly
> minimal, tiny or suckless in any way.
> The repository comes with no commandline or non-gtk dependent example.
> I still think that it is possible to implement a smtp/pop3/imap protocol
> handler in less
> than 1000LOC, all protocols are text based and by just defining a few
> functions for
> handling timeouts, responses and so on shouldnt be that hard.
> 6 years ago I wrote a mail daemon (SMTP) in about 500LOC able to manage
> mbox,
> several auth methods and mutliple connections at the same time.
> fetchmail has lot of unnecessary features and lacks many useful
> functionalities.
> msmtp is cool, but I always find it unnecesarily complex for the things
> it has to do. For
> example, the network layer if wrapped by a bouncer can permit to keep
> connections
> alive, add encription, tunels and many other funny stuff.
> What I'm proposing is a simple setup with wrappers for
> sendmail,msmtp,whatever that
> can be exchanged by just changing a hook script.
> About attaching files I have some minimal base64 algorithms, so it
> should be that hard
> to make it work in stream like:
> $ cat mail | add-attachments mail.d/* | msmtp
> And the same for extracting the attachments.
> I dont really think this is a loss of time (yeah, you can hate me), but
> I hate to be forced
> to use bloatware everywhere.
> I also use tinymail on the n810 because is the one that comes by default
> in the last
> firmwares because is just much better than the monolitic approach from
> Nokia, but
> having 16MB++ of memory slurped by a mail library on an embedded device
> is imho
> not a good thing. But I understand that having dbus to avoid doing
> innecessary stuff
> when the device is offline and earn battery is a good thing, but at
> least I would prefer
> to have my own minimal stack of mail management.
> --pancake
> Kurt H Maier wrote:
> > Check out tinymail[1]. This guy took a pretty cerebral approach to
> > developing his MUA back-end library. I've used it in the form of
> > Modest[2] on my Nokia n810.
> >
> > Personally, I'd hate to see any more dev hours wasted on garbage like
> > imap or pop3. ssh/rsyncing maildir to form a 'local copy,' then
> > 'commiting' changes back seems much saner to me.
> >
> > [1] -
> > [2] -

wbr, Илембитов
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