[dev] [dmenu] Xkb redirection not recognized

From: Jonas Bernoulli <jonas_AT_bernoul.li>
Date: Fri, 16 Oct 2009 11:44:58 +0000


In X11 using the X keyboard extension (xkb) it is possible to redirect
one key to another. For example I have redirected "Control+j" to
"left", "Control+l" to "right" and likewise other keys.

So when I press "j" while control is pressed this is supposed to
redirect to "left" and release all modifier state before doing so. So
all applications should see/handle is the resulting "left" without a
modifier set.

This is explained in some more detail at

Dmenu does not recognize the redirection. In fact it appears to simply
ignores the respective key presses completely.

To make it easier to reproduce this I have attached a patch with
modifies the us layout to redirect "Control-j,k,l" to left, up and
right respecively.

Apply it like this:

0. setxkbmap -print # so the current configuration can later be restored

1. cd /path/to/xkb/configuration # likely /usr/share/X11/xkb
2. patch -p5 --backup < us-redirect.2.diff
3. setxkbmap -layout us
4. start dmenu, provide some input
5. try to move around with "C-j"->"left" and "C-l"->"right"

6. cp symbols/us.orig symbols/us; cp types/complete.orig types/complete
7. setxkbmap -layout "the one from above" # or if this fails restart X11

thx for your help
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