Re: [dev] Xinerama sucks

From: Anselm R Garbe <>
Date: Fri, 16 Oct 2009 20:42:21 +0100

2009/10/16 James PIC <>:
> Is there any dwm-like WM that supports multiple screens but uses randr
> instead of the Xinerama infamny? I think that randr is more useful
> because of dynamic configuration support (ie. screen hotplug or
> unplug).

dwm supports screen hot[un]plugging using Xinerama. To understand why
dwm doesn't hook directly onto Xrandr I recommend comparing Xrandr(3)
with Xinerama(3).

However all this legacy (Xlib, Xinerama) will be interfaced away from
dwm core soon, so that I don't care how people implement these
interfaces. There'll be an Xlib+Xinerama based reference
implementation though and I don't plan any other implementations at
this point. People might come up with pango and what not.

Perhaps Google's Chrome OS is worth checking once it'll be published
next week, so that we can make dwm based on something better than X
potentially. But time will show.

Kind regards,
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