Re: [dev] dmenu-vertical (meillo) slow

From: markus schnalke <>
Date: Sun, 18 Oct 2009 10:30:56 +0200

[2009-10-17 12:55] Arian Kuschki <>
> is it just me or does dmenu with meillo's vertical patch applied get slower and
> slower the more lines you specify with the "-l" option? Anything more than
> about ten lines is unusable on my t42 using Ubuntu Karmic development version.

I don't see any performance change if I use `-l 30'.

However I didn't write the patch myself and didn't have deep looks into
the code, I just used fresch's patch and removed everything I found
useless or disturbing the design of dmenu.

That's what my patch is: fresch's patch made conforming to the software
style we have here.

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