Re: [dev] Suckless mail client solution?

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Date: Tue, 20 Oct 2009 14:10:17 +0200

* markus schnalke <> [2009-10-18 10:17]:
> [2009-10-15 21:47]
> >
> > Well, I can't tell which view is more useful in mutt -- threaded or
> > timeline. Which is proved by the fact that I have changed couple of times
> > in the past the default view from one to another, and switched views at
> > least once a day anyway. Which proves for me that they are equally useful
> > for different tasks: [...]
> IMO threads are very useful for mailing lists. (With nmh, I really miss
> them there.)
> The inbox, in contrast, is best sorted by time, I think.

I need both views in both cases. With threads, in general, you can't see
the most recent posts overall. Even if you collapse them, all threads don't
necessarily fit in one page.

Date sort alone hides the structure of a conversation, as long as
conversations tend to fork sub-themes, which is often the case with people
worth communicating with :o)

> > In summary: I would love a less sucking alternative to existing mail
> > clients, in nmh style, i.e. a collection of tools to handle different
> > aspects of the mail processing and to delegate non-mail tasks to $EDITOR,
> > grep, whatever. But there are some features I consider crucial, e.g.
> > decent unicode support
> Would it be so much work to add it to nmh?

I think it is not that big deal. I did it for a Win32 application at work
couple of years ago. But still needs time... And I am by far not the god of
code anyway.

> > IMHO it doesn't make sense to cut things which serve you good tens of times
> > every day.
> It's not about cutting out stuff, but switching to the Unix style. ;-)


If it's good, (it's unix style) XOR (it's illegal, OR immoral OR it makes you


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