Re: [dev] Suckless mail client solution?

From: Dieter Plaetinck <>
Date: Tue, 20 Oct 2009 19:08:58 +0200

On Tue, 20 Oct 2009 18:53:04 +0200
pancake <> wrote:

> The current state of my minimalist email solution is quite hacky and
> incomplete
> but is starting to be functional and usable. I plan to publish the hg
> repo where
> the source is being developed in a week or two..
> Actually I have a pop3 implementation in 100 LOC and imap4 in 130LOC,
> for smtp i have delegated the task to msmtp (i will write the smtp
> protocol later),
> and a main shellscript that manages all the rest. this will rewritten
> to C at
> some point. But actually i want the functionality.
> pop3/imap4 works on plain and ssl connections by using nc and
> openssl. No extra security checks (like IP and certificate changes),
> but this will be done soon too.
> There is no decent syncronization mechanisms, just basic folder
> fetching from
> pop3 and imap4. For the attachments Nibble will write a mime
> packer/unpacker,
> so this will be about 100LOC more.
> At the end I think that the first working version will be about
> 1000LOC, but the code can be easily improved and cleaned up. But ATM
> i'm priorizing the functionaility.
> About threads I think the best way is to grep for a subject and sort
> by date.
> The problem I see in threads is that you loss the timeline and for
> long threads
> you get just lines (no text) because of the recursively nesting
> nature of the
> threads. If you want to 'ban' somebody comments, its just another
> grep filter
> to the list, etc...
> I don't plan to add threading support at the moment, just plain and
> filtered lists.
> The code of 'dmc' the 'dynamic mail client' that im actually writing
> is going to
> work only on *nix-based systems (no plans for w32 atm)
> About functionalities I dont want to chop any of them, but I want to
> keep the
> core as simple as possible, keeping the configuration minimal, and
> make the core actions enought to be extended by user scripts.
> About the frontend..well i would like to write a simple gtk-based
> GUI, but it
> will relay on the core dmc. So it will be plain simple to write web
> based interfaces,
> commandline ones, or whatever.
> There's a long way to go, but half of it is already known :)
> --pancake

sounds great!

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