Re: [dev] [surf] next release

From: Julien Steinhauser <>
Date: Wed, 21 Oct 2009 12:55:47 +0200

On Wed, Oct 21, 2009 at 10:14:45AM +0200, Enno Boland (Gottox) wrote:
> Hi!
> I'm going to release 0.3 this or next week, depending on how much time
> I can investigate. Please recheck tip and give feedback, as there are
> some bigger changes.
> * persistant/concurrent cookies are working (hopefully)
> * removing urlbar/searchbar and using dmenu instead
> * if the window is shrinked below a defined size, the zoom factor is
> automaticly decreased. This is usefull on small screens and tiling
> window manager.
> * searching works from an XProperty now.
> ToDo for 0.3 release:
> * get downloads working again.
> regards
> Enno
About the downloads, I believe that most users have to move downloaded files
from ~/.surf/dl before doing anything with them.
What about externalize the downloading task to a simple script
which make you choose the destination first?
It could simplify surf's code?

Right-clicking on the link and copy it is the preminaliry task of the user.

The script named cdd for "choose download directory" depends only on wget
and on suckless tools (and sort if you like)

In this script lsd is suckless lsx with S_ISDIR instead of S_ISREG on line 28
You just stop directory navigation and start the download with escape.
I apologize for my scripting style...

dir=`lsd $PWD | sort | dmenu -p $PWD`
[ -z $dir ]
if [ $? = 1 ]; then
  cd $dir && cdd ; else
  wget --user-agent=usetheoneyoulike `sselp`

attached an lsd tarball

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