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From: Szabolcs Nagy <>
Date: Thu, 22 Oct 2009 22:47:42 +0200

On 10/22/09, A.J. Gardner <> wrote:
> given where credit is due. Something like "Notice: So-and-so created
> this work. Do what you like with it, but don't claim you came up with
> it 'cause that's lying. And nobody likes a liar. Thanks."

let me guess.. you are not a lawyer

berne convention (1886)
"copyrights for creative works do not have to be asserted or declared,
as they are automatically in force at creation. In these countries,
there is no requirement for an author to "register" or "apply for" a
copyright, or to mark his or her works with a copyright symbol or
other legend."

universal copyright convention (1952)
"[copyright holds] if from the time of the first publication all the
copies of the work published with the authority of the author or other
copyright proprietor bear the symbol accompanied by the name of the
copyright proprietor and the year of first publication placed in such
manner and location as to give reasonable notice of claim of

"The United States initially refused to become party to the [Berne]
Convention since it would have required major changes in its copyright
law, particularly with regard to moral rights, removal of general
requirement for registration of copyright works and elimination of
mandatory copyright notice. This led to the Universal Copyright
Convention in 1952 to accommodate the wishes of the United States. But
on March 1, 1989, the U.S. "Berne Convention Implementation Act of
1988" came into force and the United States became a party to the
Berne Convention, making the Universal Copyright Convention obsolete."

all parties of ucc have joined to berne convention by 2000

conclusion: explicit copyright notice is not needed any more
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