[dev] [ANN] wmii 3.9b1 released

From: Kris Maglione <maglione.k_AT_gmail.com>
Date: Thu, 22 Oct 2009 22:18:07 -0400


wmii 3.9 Beta 1 has just been released. As usual, the source is
available at suckless.org:


A new Ununtu repo is also available, which already contains the


The packages hosted there may or may not also work with your
debian system, depending on your configuration.

New since the last Alpha:
     * wmii9menu is now Xinerama aware.
     * Install READMEs to $(PREFIX)/share/doc/wmii/.
     * Documentation updates. Add wmiir.1, wmii9menu.1.
     * Allow dragging floating clients from anywhere in their titlebars.
     * Allow specifying screen in area specs.
     * Change default $MODKEY to Mod4.
     * Minor changes to pygmi.events API.
     * Allow client to follow tag change in python wmiirc.
     * Update /tag/*/index to be more useful on Xinerama.
     * Add showkeys action to shell and python wmiirc.
     * Restore windows from floating layer to their original Xinerama screen.
     * Hide bar on non-primary Xinerama screens.
     * Allow resizing of rightmost and leftmost column dividers.

New since the 3.6 release:
     * Add Suraj's Rumai-based wmiirc.
     * Move rc.wmii to alternative_wmiircs/plan9port/wmiirc.
     * Install wmii.pdf to $(PREFIX)/share/doc/.
     * Focus windows regardless of whether they form a new group.
     * Update selection and execution of wmiirc: no more magic.
     * Update wmii.1
     * Add alternative_wmiircs READMEs.
     * Add new wmii guide. See doc/wmii.pdf
     * Allow for programmable completion in wimenu.
     * Use pkg-config globally.
     * Add Xft (antialiased font) support.
     * Add python wmiirc/9P client library
     * Allow bindings to work regardless of caps lock.
     * Add M-f fullscreen toggle key binding.
     * Augment /client/*/ctl Fullscreen command.
     * Allow setting of increment display from /ctl.
     * Show a client's extra tags in its titlebar.
     * Darken background when floating area selected.
     * Allow bar on top or bottom.
     * Allow for wmiirc_local.
     * Add grow and nudge commands to /tag/*/ctl.
     * Cascade windows when the floating layer fills.
     * Support alpha-transparant windows.
     * Add regex tag support.
     * It is now possible to float/unfloat windows with the mouse.
     * Make the bar Xdnd aware; DND between views is now possible. Fixed some window raising/moving bugs.
     * Add a notification bar.
     * Improved floating mouse resizing.
     * Improved mouse move/resize support for managed mode.
     * Better return from floating/fullscreen to managed mode.
     * Allow comments (#.*\n) in rules and ctl files.
     * Add /client/*/ctl ‘slay’ command.
     * Detect unresponsive clients on ‘kill’.
     * Draw titlebars of floating clients differently.
     * Add wihack: LD_PRELOAD hack to set window properties of programs:
     * Respect window groups
     * Add ‘Kill’ to client right-click menu
     * wmii9menu now takes similar args to wimenu
     * Document grow/nudge commands.
     * Add wimenu with history and caret support
     * Add wistrut. Undocumented, not built by default.
     * EWMH strut support.
     * Basic EWMH support.
     * Better fullscreen support.
     * XRandR support.
     * Xinerama support.

Kris Maglione
The object-oriented model makes it easy to build up programs by
accretion.  What this often means, in practice, is that it provides a
structured way to write spaghetti code.
	--Paul Graham
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