[dev] [surf] segfaults

From: markus schnalke <meillo_AT_marmaro.de>
Date: Sat, 24 Oct 2009 18:44:15 +0200


I started using surf, hacked a bit around (I'll post a diff soon), and
am quite happy.

But one problem keeps me from switching completely: surf often crashes
with segfault. This may not be a problem of surf, but of webkit, I don't

I use surf tip and webkit-1.1.8 on NetBSD and have reproducable crashes

    surf debianforum.de

On Debian with surf tip and webkit-1.1.12 this website works and I don't
know a reproducable website, but it crashes quite often. derbauer.de and
pages of gmx.de caused crashes.

Those crashes are segfaults.

Have you made similar experiences or can you use surf reliably?

Uzbl segfaults in the same situations, thus I assume it's an webkit
problem. Unfortunately, I don't know much about backtraces and tracking
such problems down, but I can give you more information if you tell me

Are those versions of webkit not stable?

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