Re: [dev] [surf] patch - setprop

From: Enno Boland (Gottox) <>
Date: Tue, 27 Oct 2009 08:36:15 +0100

applied. thanks ;)

2009/10/27 Evan Gates <>:
> As it is now, if the user hits escape while entering a URI or search
> term, we get an xprop warning.  If the user enters a term with spaces,
> only the first word is taken.  The first patch
> (surf-tip-setprop_fix.diff) fixes this by using dmenu in the same way
> as dmenu_run, and adding quoting.
> The second patch (surf-tip-setprop_file.diff), which is meant to be
> applied on top of the first, adds another argument to SETPROP, so a
> file can be passed in.  In this manner you can load dmenu with your
> bookmarks or maybe common search terms.  It defaults to /dev/null so
> the behavior is the same as before unless changed.  I split this out
> into a second patch because I see it as optional, as opposed to a fix.
> Hope these help,
> -emg

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