Re: [dev] JOE editor was: a little bit of vi+zsh magic

From: Kris Maglione <>
Date: Wed, 4 Nov 2009 15:02:45 -0500

On Wed, Nov 04, 2009 at 08:33:13PM +0100, hiro wrote:
>Today I was forced to use the joe editor for java.
>In the search-and-replace dialog (see s in ed) joe seemed to change my
>input to upper case automatically. Eventually I found out it was just
>auto-completion. If you don't want auto-completion you can add rare
>characters and delete them when you are ready.
>Perhaps I should hang myself...

Perhaps you should just hang your sysadmin. Why would you ever
use such crap? Doesn't every computer in the world have at least
vi and ed (vi on Plan 9 not being an editor...)?

Kris Maglione
If buffer overflows are ever controlled, it won't be due to mere
crashes, but due to their making systems vulnerable to hackers.
Software crashes due to mere incompetence apparently don't raise any
eyebrows, because no one wants to fault the incompetent programmer and
his incompetent boss.
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