Re: [dev] dmc news

From: Anders Andersson <>
Date: Tue, 10 Nov 2009 06:08:50 +0100

Some comments:

> Networking:
>  - ssl (no certificate check yet)

Aren't there ssl-wrappers already? I'm thinking of stunnel, but maybe
that doesn't work in this setting.

> Addressbook support:
>  - dmc can read/edit a simple addressbook file

Is this necessary?
read:$ mail `grep "cool dude" ~/.addressbook` "hello cool dude"
add :$ echo '"cool dude" <>' >>~/.addressbook
edit:$ sed -i 's/' ~/.addressbook
(Sorry if my sed skills are a little rusty)

> Multiple account support:
>  - Multiple accounts can be configured

Is this necessary? Can't you just run multiple instances?

> All those mail source applications understand unix-like commands from
> stdin and throw status messages to stdout and command output body to
> stderr. This way you can use them as shell applications or manage
> them as daemons. (This is what 'dmc start' does)

Shouldn't the status messages be on stderr and the actual data you
might want to pipe on stdout?

> Some of those programs are written in C, and some other in shellscript,
> But the plan is to rewrite everything in C at some point.

Why rewrite it in C? What will you gain with this? There's a lot of
code in the shell interpreter, and everyone will have one (even in an
embedded environment you'll have busybox ash or similar). Use the code
that's already there. :)

> Let me know your wishes and ideas.
> --pancake

Sure. :)

// pipe
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