Re: [dev] Re: Gentoo ebuilds [was Re: Re: [wmii] Odd key behaviour after changing focus in 3.9b1]

From: Armando Di Cianno <>
Date: Thu, 19 Nov 2009 11:42:23 -0500

Yes, all those ruby gems are needed, if you plan to use the ruby
alternative wmiirc script. It uses rumai, which pulls in other deps.
None of them are currently in portage. I added use flags for ruby,
python, plan9port to the ebuild, too.

The Python alt script ships with the needed libs, so it worked out of the box.

I haven't actually tried the plan9port script yet, but did add the use
flag and dep to the wmii ebuild.


On Thu, Nov 19, 2009 at 11:27 AM, <> wrote:
>>>> Dear Comrads,
>>>> First off, many thanks for 3.9b1. Being the fairly content (read:
>>>> lazy) type I'd never bothered updating from 3.6r2 which is still the
>>>> most recent packaged version in Gentoo's Portage. Being stuck in bed
>>>> with the flu I took the time to update the ebuild for the new version
>>>> and upgrade. For those interested, a working ebuild is now in the
>>>> version bump bug report:
>>>> =C2=A0<>
>>> Added to the suckless overlay:
>>> If you have more ebuilds, I'd love to have another contributer. =C2=A0We =
>> can
>>> get you commit on the repo.
>> Here's my Gentoo overlay for wmii, attached. Ā Martin's updated ebuild
>> was a good stop-gap, but I've also updated it to be aware of the
>> shipped alternative wmii scripts, including dependencies and such.
>> I've also updated the dependencies, which include removing libixp,
>> since this release ships with it.
>> Contents:
>> overlay/
>> overlay/x11-wm/
>> overlay/x11-wm/wmii/
>> overlay/x11-wm/wmii/files/
>> overlay/x11-wm/wmii/files/wmii.desktop
>> overlay/x11-wm/wmii/Manifest
>> overlay/x11-wm/wmii/wmii-3.9_beta1.ebuild
>> overlay/dev-ruby/
>> overlay/dev-ruby/inochi/
>> overlay/dev-ruby/inochi/Manifest
>> overlay/dev-ruby/inochi/inochi-1.1.1.ebuild
>> overlay/dev-ruby/configuration/
>> overlay/dev-ruby/configuration/Manifest
>> overlay/dev-ruby/configuration/configuration-1.1.0.ebuild
>> overlay/dev-ruby/rumai/
>> overlay/dev-ruby/rumai/rumai-3.1.0.ebuild
>> overlay/dev-ruby/rumai/Manifest
>> overlay/dev-ruby/rumai/rumai-3.2.0.ebuild
>> overlay/dev-ruby/trollop/
>> overlay/dev-ruby/trollop/Manifest
>> overlay/dev-ruby/trollop/trollop-1.15.ebuild
>> overlay/dev-ruby/launchy/
>> overlay/dev-ruby/launchy/launchy-0.3.3.ebuild
>> overlay/dev-ruby/launchy/Manifest
> Are these all part for wmii? Ā I'll add them.
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