[dev] dmc 0.1

From: pancake <pancake_AT_youterm.com>
Date: Wed, 02 Dec 2009 20:09:58 +0100

It's quite some long time I don't give any news about dmc.

Nibble and me did some work on it, so it's partially usable, but
actually we're out of
time to continue it. For this reason I have decided to publish the first
release of dmc.

DMC stands for Dynamic Mail Client. The project started as a toy
replacement for client-side
mail applications to support mbox, mdir, imap4, pop3. It also supports
tagging, some minor
syncronization with local repositories and a daemon mode which allows to
send commands to
a dmc daemon to the server. It also supports SSH and SSL transport layers.

Many mail accounts can be configured and used from a single interface.

For sending there's just an msmtp frontend and a minimal MX resolver,
but the idea would be
to fully implement SMTP in a clean way as for pop3/imap4 is done.

The current implementation it is about 814 LOC in C and 438 in
shellscript. I would like to
have all this stuff in C, but I'm out of time and at the moment of
writing this I got a bit
bored to type such a program.

The second reason of this email is to query all you to continue the
development because I
got a bit bored with it and Im really out of time for following it. So,
if any of you
want to send me patches I will review them and commit to it.

The source code of the project is hosted here:

  $ hg clone http://lolcathost.org/hg/dmc

But for the 0.1 release I have pushed a tarball:


Let me know what do you think about it. And feel free to hack it, test
it, blame it or so :)

Have fun!

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