[dev] [dmenu] patch and new release of dclip

From: Nibble <nibble.ds_AT_gmail.com>
Date: Mon, 21 Dec 2009 12:47:42 +0100


Last weekend Delta and I were playing with dclip, fixing some bugs and
finally, we think there are no more corner cases handling selections.
For those of you, who don't know what dclip is:


dclip is a lightweight clipboard manager (19 LOC in sh) that uses dmenu
as frontend to show the stored selections and depends on xclip. It
tries to unify the mess with different X selections.

For example in dwm, in order to copy with M+C+c and paste with M+C+v
you can add the following in your config.h:

/* commands */
static const char *dclipcmd[] = { "dclip", "paste", "-fn", font, "-nb",
normbgcolor, "-nf", normfgcolor, "-s b", selbgcolor , "-sf",
selfgcolor, NULL };

and in the keys[] section:

{ MODKEY|ControlMask, XK_c, spawn, SHCMD("exec dclip copy") },
{ MODKEY|ControlMask, XK_v, spawn, {.v = dclipcmd } },

Furthermore, using dclip I noticed that dmenu cannot create items larger
than 1024 bytes, so I've modified the function readstdin in order
to solve this issued. It was very bouring to copy a selection larger
than 1024 chars with dclip and then have to paste several items from
dmenu instead of just one.

I attached the patch for dmenu-4.0 (last stable release) and dmenu-tip
and the last release of dclip.

Kind regards,
-- Nibble

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