Re: [dev] wmii can save settings on close, can't it ?

From: Kai Gro▀johann <>
Date: Wed, 23 Dec 2009 19:36:32 +0100

On 11/14/2009 07:25 AM, Kris Maglione wrote:
> Yes, indeed it's asking a lot. Can I ask what other window manager
> provides anything approaching that functionality? It also seems a bit
> superfluous. The whole point of dynamic window managers is to make
> static layouts unimportant. I've never missed those kinds of features.

Well, I find that it helps me a lot if the work is similar to have
similar window arrangements. For example, I read mail every day, using
the same program every time. So it makes a lot of sense to me to also
find the mail program in the same place every day. Besides reading
mail. there are a couple of similar activities.

So for me, it is the most natural idea in the world to start up the
email program when I log in and to move it to the right
workspace/view/tag so that Super+1 will show it.

What do others do?

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