Re: [dev] [dwm] mimic a rio behavior

From: yy <>
Date: Tue, 12 Jan 2010 10:56:15 +0100

2010/1/12 Yoshi Rokuko <>:
> If you start i.e. page in a term in rio on plan9, page will 'take' the
> 'view' of your term. If you start surf in a term in dwm on linux in
> monocle it will look very similar.
> I was thinking about whether it would be easy to design a layout that is
> like tiling but like a nested monocle for apps started from uxterm or not.
> Would that be a nice feature?

It would be nice, but not easy, not at all. One of the main problems
with X is you cannot know where windows come from, that is one of the
reasons we use rules to tag them.

You could launch all your applications from scripts which set the
geometry or give some hint to dwm about what to do with new windows,
but I guess you will find a lot of problems following that path. A
window can appear in any moment, eg: What if you start surf in a term
but just in that moment a pop-up (surf) window appears on the screen?
How do you know which is the one you launched? You can probably hack
it to work as expected with some application(s), but it will be
extremely painful to turn this into a general behavior.

- yiyus || JGL .
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