[dev][dwm][bug] Two bugs concerning floating windows in a dual monitor setup

From: Claudio M <cllccl_AT_live.com>
Date: Mon, 18 Jan 2010 16:58:28 +0100

my setup:
external monitor (A) connected to a docking station. lets call the internal display B. A is left of B.

first bug:
if i move a floating window with alt-shift-, from A to B it is positioned on the left edge of B. if i try to move it back to A the window is assigned to A, but its position doesn't change.

second bug:
laptop is undocked. open three terminal windows on some workspace. make two of them floating. focus the window that is still tiled. if i dock my laptop now - in that case i run "xrandr --output B --auto" und "xrandr --output A --auto --left-of B" via shell script - both floating windows are hidden underneath the tiled terminal window.

can someone confirm these bugs?

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