Re: [dev] Distribution

From: Antoni Grzymala <>
Date: Tue, 19 Jan 2010 00:29:39 +0100

Jonathan Slark dixit (2010-01-18, 22:41):

> I was wondering what distros people use on this mailing list? I've
> tried a lot and I'm not happy with any of them. All I need is a
> toolchain/dev utils with minimal X install. I would then compile all
> the apps/dwm myself and install using the package manager.

Sounds like Gentoo, to me.

Hope this thread doesn't turn into yet another flamewar and bitching
how-broken-is-some-distro-i-am-not-actually-using. I propose that people
(criticise|advertise) only distros they're actually using for getting
day-to-day stuff done.

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